I spent my whole life huntin' for those demons in the wild. And the entire time they were hidin' inside my own belly. Sad state to spend your life in, bein' afraid of your own self. === "There might be more than this blanket of black dust, "the stench of the tug, "the crunch of the coal-stained snow. "More than the sound of her cackle, "the cracks in her calloused hands. "And there might be more, but I won't ever know "because it's impossible to breathe "when you're drowning in shxt" === Never forget how beautiful you are, Mountain Goat. And smart... And creative and strong... You're so strong. No little girl should ever have to carry her daddy on her back. You ain't like me at all, Mountain Goat. You're not afraid. -I am like you. And I'm glad. We had some good times, didn't we? Never did build that Glass Castle. -No. But we had a good time plannin' it.