Jan 18, 2021TEENREVIEWBOARD rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I was so excited to watch this movie because the first Mamma Mia is my all-time favourite movie. One thing I was disappointed about was that I felt Sophie and Sky’s chemistry was off and not as intense as it was in the first film. I also disliked the fact that Meryl Streep was barely in the movie considering Donna was my favourite character. But I did like how in this movie we got to see what Donna’s life was like in the 70s when she meets Sam, Bill and, Harry. The music in this film was amazing and just as good as the first, maybe better. I would highly recommend this film for those of you who are Mamma Mia fans. I wish I could say this film was just as good as the first, but it really wasn’t. I would recommend the film for those 12 and up. 5 stars @booknerd2020 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board