Jan 12, 2020ManGar rated this title 4 out of 5 stars
Joseph M. Marshal III is able to weave historicity with a keen sense of what it means to be human. This book chronicles the collision of a traditional nomadic way of life almost totally dependent on bison hunts and the onslaught of european immigrants hellbent to secure a sustainable livelihood and even gold fortunes in the American West regardless of the devastating cost to the Lakotas and other tribes. This is not a cowboy and indians tale but a deeply sensitive narrative of the life, struggles and death of Crazy Horse, his friends and enemies. This is a story that contrasts the divergent values in two cultures at different levels of technological development. All aspects of the human experience are palpable: love and hate; compassion and cruelty; generosity and greed; ambition and humility; loyalty and treachery; reverence and pragmatism; nature as nurturer and nature as an exploitable resource. A fascinating read that resonates with me at a time of worlwide societal upheaval due to global warming, irresponsible extractive industries and continuing clashes between colonizers and the colonized. Kudos to Mr. Marshall.