Jan 04, 2018
Jackson Kane and Sadia Ahmed grew up in the same town, as good friends. When Sadia started dating Jackson's brother Paul, some distance grew—and grew even further when Jackson was accused of burning down the flagship store of the grocery chain his family once owned. Now, Jackson is back, and Sadia is a widow, but neither is certain about doing anything about their unspoken attraction to each other. Add in all the family dynamics, and you've got a whole other mess. The angst goes up to eleven in this story of a second chance at love. As with Rai's other books, this one is easy to devour, no matter how much you might want to savor the language of each character's emotions, and you'll close the book wanting nothing but the next one. While best if read after Hate to Want You, the first in the series, this book can be read as a standalone.