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Jan 13 2021
"Fox news is the definition of fake and biased news geared toward supporting a corrupt president. Stelter got it right! We now know that the President of the United States lied on tape about knowing the danger coronavirus presents, while being co..." Permalink
mswrite rated a title Jan 12 2021
mswrite made a comment Jan 12 2021
"I have always admired Diahann Carroll as a performer--I retain warm childhood memories of her groundbreaking sixties sitcom, "Julia," (and remember my long-ago wistful wish that lovely, level-headed Julia Baker was my mom)--and as one of..." Permalink
mswrite made a comment Jan 11 2021
"Jaw-dropping, eye-opening stuff. Fascinating, disturbing, the revelations presented here by French journalist Frederic Martel explain a lot about Vatican hostility to progressive ideas and thought generally and homosexuality in particular. Mar..." Permalink
mswrite rated a title Jan 11 2021
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