No! Die Today! Actually, this film, franchise, & character are already dead. Thanks Barbara Broccoli... : P This is the worst one yet! She's still going down her "feminist" road, with all the prominent female villains & heroes. But now we have:
> Females being able to outdo Bond
> Female Bosses to Bond
> Bond making it with Moneypenny (there's a no-no in this storyline if I've ever seen one)
> Female characters equal to or greater than Bond
> These same Females saving Bond, multiple times!
> And the Pièce De Résistance: the 'female Bond' (along side him) played (throughout the entire film) by Halle Berry.
Yes, now, in 2018, they are talking about just making Bond female (Hello 'Ghost Losers'), but she was basically test-driving that premise here in this film. (Just conditioning the viewers, over time.)
But wait! There's more!! Aside from her 'feminization' takeover of Bond, the PC takeover of the film is unreal. Again, THINK ABOUT WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM TO MAKE THESE MOVIES! We have China & North Korea!!! as the good guys! And the son of the N.K. General (& his N.K. sidekick) who is/are the main villain(s), were "corrupted by the West"! LOL!!!! (Yes, because North Korea <along with China & Cuba> are such bastions of freedom & prosperity...) Of course, they have to have Cuba in it too, and between them & N.K., we're supposed to believe that they are militarily & technologically superior to anyone else in the World. Come on people, WAKE UP!
Lastly, but a LONG TIME pet peeve, here's a note for you Follywood: If you want a character to be in the film until the end, DON'T KILL THEM IN THE FIRST 3 MIN., & THEN 50,000 SUBSEQUENT TIMES THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE!
Thank you.

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