DISCLAIMER: My review of 'Desperate Creed' is absolutely colored by the fact that I think Alex Kava is one of the best writers of this genre today - and the last 17 years, when I read one of her books for the first time.

'Desperate Creed' is about tornado's, the tornado's of life, actual storms and the storms we each face, often alone. Yes, there are a few disparate plot lines tied tenuously together, but they did not take away from the story of this plot line and added to the larger plot of the series.

I read a review somewhere that complained Ryder and Maggie are always in some deadly situation, Well yes. So are Alex Cross, Scott Horvath, the Jacks Ryan, Reacher and one known as the Repairman, Alexandra Cooper, Leo Waterman, Joanna Brady and hundreds of others. It's called conflict and there would be no plot without it. Ryder Creed's job is disaster. Maggie O'Dell's job is horrific crime. Both deadly.

It seems to me that when I first asked KCLS to order the then upcoming 'Desperate Creed', it's publishing date was pushed back several times and never quite known. Alex Kava is an outstanding researcher, seeking in-depth and complete information on the subject of a books focus. At the very end of the Author's Note, she teases us that

'.. . that there are many more stories to come. And I'm already at work researching 'Hidden Creed'."

Patience is not my best event.
5 stars.

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