Coffeehouse Knits
Coffeehouse Knits Knitting Patterns and Essays With Robust Flavor Book - 2019

I wanted to like this, I really did. But it is never a good sign when all the photos have the model with her arms crossed, or both hands holding up a coffee mug in front of the sweater, or her hair covering the neckline. The patterns are very simple, basic, and standard with very twee "coffee inspired" names. (Mind you, just how much of a pattern is needed for a scarf?) The "essays" are all about the author, and how knitting brought her out of her shyness into being able to talk with people and even teach. Good for her, but ......At least if you are writing a knitting pattern book have SOMETHING; interesting pattern stitches or patterns, interesting point of view of knitting or it's growing culture, interesting nuggets of history, how yarn producers are connecting across the world because of the internet, anything. I fear this is yet another vanity project that will disappear.

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