A Very Stable Genius
A Very Stable Genius Donald J. Trump's Testing of America By Rucker, Philip and Leonnig, Carol eBook - 2020

Vigorously reported and easily consumed report on how the Trump White House managed its scandal- and crisis-ridden term (actually, the timeline stops little more than halfway through). It reveals a staff constantly working to save Donald Trump from his worst instincts (and he operates on little other than base instinct), until the most honorable among them are hounded out in humiliating fashion and nothing is left but the worst sort of yes-men. The self-created troubles and ethical failures of just two years are more numerous And consequential than those of any two-TERM presidency. And this book doesn’t even mention the ethical lapses of multiple members of Trump’s team, such as Tom Price, Ryan Zinke, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Elaine Chao .....

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