Matt, Frankie, and Anna are three peas in a pod. The just grew up together.But, soon enough Frankie's older brother Matt is going off to collage. Anna has always had her crush on him hidden and, maybe always will. Until, the night of her birthday were a harmless cake fight with Matt turned into a first kiss. After that the late night dates and sneaking out commence. Until it all ends on one trip with the three of them. When Anna woke up to the cries of her family's and Frankie's just Frankie's Family. Not Matt and Frankie's, Matt was no longer in the equation. He was gone. Months later Frankie and her family go on a trip and Anna is tagging along. Frankie has this list to make this summer the best which includes hooking up twenty boys. With Frankie not
knowing about Matt and Anna's secret relationship.There friendship is on rocks and, secret not only from Anna are reveled.

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