This was a story of life in India from 4 different families. I learned about the Hindu and Muslim faiths and customs. The concept of prearranged marriages and how they work out. There is a lot of information on the caste system in India. A lot of good, likeable characters in this book along with the nasty. Mrs. Rupa Mehr and her children Arun who is married to Meenaski and they have a daughter Aparna , Savita who is married to Pran and is pregnant for most of the book , Lata and Varun . Then there is the Kapoor Family and Mann is the main character in this family and he falls in love with a prostitute Saeeda Bin.
I found there was too much depth in the politics of India that I was not interested in. The book was 1500 pages long. I would recommend this book but not for a book club choice.
This book was an International Best Seller.

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