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In a future Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomoly who does not fit into any one group, and that the society she lives in is not perfect after all.
Publisher: New York : Katherine Tegen Books, 2011.
Edition: 1st ed.
ISBN: 9780062024022
Characteristics: 487 p. ; 22 cm.


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Recommended for Middle Schoolers.

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Jun 02, 2021

Five factions, one choice or maybe not? Divergent is a dystopian kind of novel which means “an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice”. In dystopian Chicago society is divided into five factions which are categorized as--Candor(the honest), Abnegation(the selfless), Dauntless(the brave), Amity(the peaceful), and Erudite(the intelligent). Once the sixteen year olds go through initiation and choose a faction, that faction is what they “devote the rest of their lives” to. The main character Beatrice also known as Tris struggles to determine where she actually belongs and who she can trust. Tris has some secrets that cannot get out because she was warned that they would be punishable by death. Throughout all this craziness Tris struggles to see exactly where her strange relationship with a “fascinating, sometimes infuriating boy fits”. Could Tris’ secret “save those she loves” or completely destroy her? This book is a really good read if you want adventure, romance, mystery, and more. I definitely recommend this book because you get to see Tris’ journey and what she chooses to do with her secret. If I could change one thing about the book it would probably be to get more of a background on Tris’ family life before the initiation and the story of the parents, but other than that it is a great book and an amazing series.
Age: 11+

May 18, 2021

Set in a post-apocalyptic Chicago, Divergent follows 16-year-old Beatrice Prior. For a long time, Beatrice has known that her faction is not for her, but all she’s ever known is Abnegation. Both her family and her home are there. However, in the end, she goes with what she wants most. In just one novel, Veronica Roth creates an entirely new world, a world in which being human is something punishable. As Tris learns to face her fears through jumping off trains to even facing her enemies, readers will find that this novel brings just the right amount of action along with other elements. Divergent is one of the first novels I ever read, and I loved it because it was thought-provoking yet, at the same time, very hard to put down. 5/5
@Banana24 of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board

Divergent by Veronica Roth is one of the best stories I have ever read. The depth she put into these characters makes you really feel like you know them. This book almost feels like it actually happened in history, that's just how much detail she put into these characters lives. I give this book 4 stars. The reason it is not rated more is because there were a few things that were unclear and needed more explanation. However, I do recommend this book to anyone who likes reading realistic fiction. It’s definitely a book for you. 4 stars - @Gasenic of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

In futuristic post apocalyptic Chicago, Beatrice aka ”Tris”, is our main Character. We start off with her taking her personality test, to determine where in society she belongs. The test will put her into either of these 5 categories; dauntless (the brave), amity (the kind), erudite (the intelligent), abnegation (the selfless), and candor (the honest). These tests are to sort and separate people so they won’t become independent, a form of control by the government. But when Tris does it she is 'divergent', these people belong to more than one category. Tris is aided by her best friend, , and boyfriend, four, who she meets at dauntless, they help her fight against the government. This Y.A. novel to me is cliché, the characters have no personality and the antagonist's methods make no sense. And lastly the resolution is left on a cliffhanger to set up the next book in the series. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who's looking for thought-provoking material. @Subsub of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

May 08, 2021

Loved reading this book and getting to know the relationship of Tris (Beatrice) and Four. Amazing book by Veronica Roth and I'm starting to read Insurgent soon!

May 05, 2021

An excellent book. One well worth reading.

Apr 17, 2021

Veronica Roth’s novel, Divergent, follows the journey of the young girl, Tris Prior, who faces constant difficulties in a futuristic and dystopian society. The novel takes place in a society where there are five factions-- Dauntless, Amity, Erudite, Candor, Abnegation-- where each represents a different philosophy members have to follow for their entire life. Tris discovers in her test that she is neither of the five but instead a combination of them called Divergent, and she has to find a way to keep her identity a secret while finding her way in this society of hers. I would recommend this book for teenagers and someone who loves thrilling, exciting, and adventurous books. The author is able to bring out emotions in the reader, whether it is fear, hope, or anger. The dystopian novel is followed by the other three books in the series, Insurgent, Allegiant, and Four; and I would recommend reading all of them.

Apr 09, 2021

In the dystopic future of Chicago, Divergent follows Beatrice Prior, a 16-year-old girl who is trying to find her identity among the five factions that are each dedicated to a particular trait. Candor is known for being honest, Abnegation is known for being selfless, Dauntless is known for being brave, Amity is known for being peaceful, and Erudite is known for being intelligent. As the appointed day approaches for 16-year-olds to decide which faction they want to permanently stay in, Beatrice is going to have to make a tough decision between staying with her family’s faction or leaving them to find out who she is. I loved reading Divergent, the pacing and action immerse you into the book, making you want to binge on it all in one go. Despite how some of the characters’ personalities are reduced to being a single quality because of the faction they are in, the protagonist Beatrice was not your typical main character. Instead of being written as unrealistic and being the “perfect person,” Veronica Roth crafts Beatrice into being a very realistic character who is overall an unconventional protagonist. I loved reading Divergent since it was action-packed yet had some hints of romance. I would recommend Divergent to any dystopian lovers and anyone who loves action or romance since this book was able to tie it all in with its interesting characters.

Apr 07, 2021

I request please don't read this book super boring hit the snooze button

Barrie_Teen_Lists Mar 24, 2021

I definitely recommend this book to young adults and teens interested in dystopian fantasy and sci-fi themes. It’s an action packed story about a 16 year old girl named Beatrice. Her futuristic city is split into five factions in which each faction represents a different trait; the brave Dauntless, intelligent Erudite, peaceful Amity, honest Candor and selfless Abnegation. At a certain age, all teenagers must choose a faction to go into. By completing the initiation set out by said faction, you become a resident and citizen under the faction’s name. Beatrice was born into Abnegation, the faction that advocates selflessness. The problem is, she doesn’t seem to fit in. Before the day of the choosing ceremony, all teens are subjected to a test that can steer them into the right faction. Instead of helping Beatrice, the test only ruins her life; her test results in something called ‘Divergence’ where she fits in none of the factions. She is told to keep her test results hidden, though she isn’t given an answer: what faction will she have to choose? Finally Beatrice rules out all the factions and lands on one, Dauntless. With her decision made, Beatrice moves to the Dauntless compound to start her training. It is hard for her to inconspicuously fit in since she is Divergent. She can’t tell her instructors, her friends, no one. As training continues, it only gets more difficult. Better yet, her mysterious instructor, Four, seems to be realizing she’s Divergent. By the end of training, it becomes clear that the governing faction, Erudite, is trying to flush out and exterminate the Divergent initiates. I absolutely adored this book and it’s one of my favorites. The plot is so interesting and keeps you hooked the whole time, providing an excellent read when you need a book that’s fast paced and tense but also includes romance and a good moral. My favourite character is Beatrice, because of how diverse she is. She has multiple layers to her personality, not just the ones factions represent and force onto citizens. I love this book. You should totally read it and the rest of the Divergent series!

Feb 25, 2021

Divergent, the first book in the series of the same name, is a look into another dystopian American society set in the future. However, it differs from other titles in this genre with its innovative twist and social separation based on character traits instead of social status or power. Every page presents new action and various challenges as Beatrice Prior, the main character, tries to prove that she fits in with the faction she has chosen. This book has an interesting focus on human vulnerability and how all of us desire to overcome said fears, and was thought-provoking at multiple times throughout.
I would recommend this book to middle school-age readers (and older) who have also enjoyed series such as The Hunger Games and The Testing.

The first installment of the trilogy, Divergent, is definitely my favorite of the series. The plot and concept has loads of potential and is perfect for anyone who loves dystopian books. The main character, Tris, is relatable for many young adult readers as the is 16 and about to be sorted into the faction that fits her best. The test was one of my favorite portions of the book to read, it was really interesting to see how they determined where you went. This book is a fast read, immensely popular, and fast paced.

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IndyPL_TammieB thinks this title is suitable for 13 years and over

Jan 13, 2021

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Jan 03, 2021

blue_dolphin_5432 thinks this title is suitable for 11 years and over

Sep 28, 2020

samvar thinks this title is suitable for 11 years and over

Jul 07, 2020

vyelysele thinks this title is suitable for 11 years and over

Jul 02, 2020

jenniferlopuch thinks this title is suitable for 11 years and over

Apr 24, 2020

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Feb 28, 2020

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Jan 27, 2020

green_ant_2572 thinks this title is suitable for 12 years and over

Oct 19, 2019

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IndyPL_TammieB Jan 27, 2021

“Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”

IndyPL_TammieB Jan 27, 2021

“Becoming fearless isn't the point. That's impossible. It's learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.”

Nov 22, 2020

“I feel his heartbeat against my cheek,as fast as my own.
"Are you afraid of me, too, Tobias?"
"Terrified," he replies with a smile.”
― Veronica Roth, Divergent

Nov 22, 2020

“A brave man acknowledges the strength of others.”
― Veronica Roth, Divergent

Nov 22, 2020

“I might be in love with you." He smiles a little. "I'm waiting until I'm sure to tell you, though.”
― Veronica Roth, Divergent

Nov 11, 2020

"i wonder if fears ever really go away or if they just lose their power over us."

Nov 11, 2020

"there are some advantages to being small."

Nov 11, 2020

"desperation can make a person do surprising things."

Sep 26, 2020

""I have something to tell you," he says.
I run my fingers along the tendons in his hand and look back at him
"I might be in love with you." He smiles a little. "I'm waiting until I'm sure to tell you, though."
"That's sensible of you," I say, smiling too. "We should find you some paper so you can make a list or a chart or something."
I feel his laughter against my side, his nose sliding along my jaw, his lips pressing behind my ear.
"Maybe I'm already sure," he says, "and I just don't want to frighten you."
"I laugh a little. "Then you should know better."
"Fine," he says. "Then I love you."" - Divergent

Sep 26, 2020

""Get it off! Get it off get it off get it off!" she screams.
The moth flutters away.
"It's gone!" I say. Then I laugh. "You're afraid of moths?"
"They're disgusting. Those papery wings and stupid bug bodies . . . " She shudders.
I keep laughing. I laugh so hard I have to sit down and hold my stomach.
"It's not funny!" she snaps. "Well . . . okay, maybe it is. A little."" - Divergent

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IndyPL_TammieB Jan 27, 2021

This book takes place in a future Chicago. The city is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue—Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent). When a community member turns 16 he or she must choose which faction to spend their life in. Beatrice is 16 and torn. Does she stay with her family or go with her true nature? Once the choice is made, Tris must survive initiation and find out who her true friends are, keep her secret hidden, and navigate romance.

Jul 11, 2020

Beatrice (Tris) lives in a dystopian Chicago. Her world has been separated into factions to keep the peace, but trouble is brewing on the horizon. Tris is forced to choose which faction she will be a part of and who she will support. Will Tris find friends and love in her new faction? Read the book to find out!

I absolutely love this dystopian novel. It has just the right amount of action and romance and the twists and turns are unbelievable. I would highly recommend this story!

Sep 06, 2017

In a future Chicago, sixteen-year-old Beatrice Prior must choose among five predetermined factions to define her identity for the rest of her life, a decision made more difficult when she discovers that she is an anomaly who does not fit into any one group, and that the society she lives in is not perfect after all.

Mar 25, 2017

Tris Prior is a 16 year old girl living in a dystopian Chicago. There are 5 different factions. Tris can choose to live with her family, or leave her family and friends.

Aug 19, 2016

The world has been changed into 5 factions where people are separated from their families

Jul 25, 2016

Beatrice Prior is a sixteen-year-old member of Abnegation. She and her brother Caleb, who is not quite a year her elder, take the aptitude test that will tell them which faction they are most suitable for. The test consists of a simulation of a confrontation with a vicious dog. Beatrice shows aptitude for three different factions, Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless, and this means she is something called Divergent. She is warned to never tell anyone of her results - it is dangerous to be Divergent. After much contemplation over whether to stay in Abnegation or switch factions, Beatrice chooses to switch to Dauntless, and Caleb moves to Erudite.

Jul 10, 2016

In the future, after the war, Chicago divides itself into five factions, based on their values. At the age of sixteen, every person must decide to either remain in the faction they were born into, or leave their family behind and transfer to another faction of their choice. Beatrice Prior has to decide what the rest of her life will be.

Jul 08, 2016

In Divergent there are five factions that make up society, each with a different role. At age 16, each individual will attend a choosing ceremony based on their results of an aptitude test. This science fiction novel focuses on the genes to determine whether or not your are "divergent" which could be considered dangerous, depending on your point of view.

Jul 04, 2016

In a world divided into five factions based on beliefs and values, Beatrice (Tris) Prior must make the choice that decides the path she will take for the rest of her life.

Jun 22, 2016

Tris Prior has chosen the dauntless as her faction.

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Aug 10, 2017

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Might be scary for younger readers

yellow_beaver_38 Aug 06, 2016

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Many scenes that could be frightening for young children.

yellow_beaver_38 Aug 06, 2016

Sexual Content: The book has people talking about sex and fear of intimacy.

Feb 13, 2016

Frightening or Intense Scenes: There are some Scenes in this book that could frighten Younger viewers Like Edward's eye scene. There are some sad themes. There is Lots of fighting too.

Sep 02, 2015

Other: violence, commiting of suicide, minor sex, and mature scenes. maybe some frightening to

alicat42 Aug 08, 2014

Violence: Slight violence may be overwhelming for younger crowds

Jul 30, 2014

Frightening or Intense Scenes: Peter stabbing Eward's eye, Simulations, Tris getting hurt over and over again, Tris almost get killed by the people she loves the most. But is also sad because Four doesn't know Tris in the end and tries to hurt her, she witnesses her moms death, and she has to kill one of her best friends.

Jun 27, 2014

Violence: Yes, of course Divergent would have violence. It's like The Hunger Games that way. For example, getting stab in the eye with a butterknife, fighting each other as a test, and being under simulation and killing off all the people of one faction. That's alot already.

Jun 14, 2014

Violence: Intense parts and may be traumatic to children 8 & under

hannah0903 May 20, 2014

Violence: Lots of fighting scenes

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